How to Create an Interactive Map on Squarespace without Code!

The addition of Fluid Engine to Squarespace version 7.1 has made it SO much easier to take your site to the next level without using a ton of custom code! In the past, we had a plugin that we would use on our clients’ websites to create an interactive locations map.

With this client, I was able to add a graphic that I made in Canva as my “map” – you can use any image that you like- and layer it with text boxes to mark the location areas.

Next, I simply created a blog for the locations and attached a category for each location to match the text boxes on my map. The text boxes on my map were easily linked to the specific categories – creating an interactive map that sorts the locations!

If you need help setting yours up, don’t hesitate to schedule a one hour Coaching session with me through Zoom by using this link:

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