NEW – How To Edit Squarespace Using Fluid Engine // Squarespace Fluid Engine Overview

Squarespace Fluid Engine is HERE!
Learn all about the brand new Squarespace editing experience in this overview video.

What is Fluid Engine?
→ A new way to edit the content of your website, and it’s a game changer for creating your own custom designs.

How can I tell if I am using Fluid Engine?
→ You’ll see an ADD BLOCK button instead of a blue plus sign +.

What’s new?
→ Flexible grid layout options, layers, mobile-specific design, and more.

What’s the same?
→ List sections, gallery sections, and most collection pages.
→ Related videos: List section overview ( & Gallery section overview (

Where can I learn more about Squarespace Fluid Engine?

Where can I ask you a specific question about Fluid Engine?
→ In my LIVE workshop next week! Sign up at


The term “Squarespace” is a trademark of Squarespace, Inc. This video was not approved or endorsed by Squarespace, Inc. I just really love their platform ♥

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