YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos in Search | Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Learn the entire process of optimizing videos for YouTube, from A to Z, as well as little-known hacks and strategies to make your videos visible and rank them higher in search results.

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YouTube SEO Guide on Tips & Tools to Rank Your Video in 2022:

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Step #1. Keyword research
In this part of the video, you’ll learn how to find video keyword ideas, and which keyword tools and Google Chrome extensions can help you with that.

Step #2. Optimize metadata
The video metadata is all the textual and visual information that describes the video to users and search engines. Titles, thumbnails, descriptions, tags, captions, timestamps – all these are called metadata. Here, we’ll show you how to optimize every element of the video to make it visible, rank high in search results and appear for relevant queries.

Step #3. Improve audience retention and watch time
Audience retention measures how much time people watch the video. Watch time is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. In this part of the video, we’ll talk about the best practices to maximize audience retention and increase watch time.

Step #4. Provoking engagement
To boost your rankings, your video needs to have comments, replies to comments, likes, shares, and new subscribers after a fresh video has been published. The more activity – the better the chances of being ranked by the YouTube search engine. We’ll cover actionable tips on how to boost the engagement.

Step #5. Share video via your channels
In this part of the video, we’ll talk about different marketing channels and ways to get additional traffic to your video.

Step #6. Build authority
Here we’ll share tips that will help your channel earn credibility and trust.

Step #7. Monitor your performance
YouTube Analytics is a must for improving YouTube SEO. It includes such metrics as demographics, traffic sources, engagement stats, search statistics, and many others. Based on this data, you can improve your next videos, and avoid mistakes from the previous ones. Here we’ll show you the analytics in more details.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Keyword research
01:42 Top Google Chrome extensions for YouTube
02:48 Find keyword ideas with Rank Tracker
04:17 Video metadata
04:50 Optimize title
06:12 Optimize thumbnail
08:49 Optimize video descriptions
10:11 Optimize tags
11:36 Add closed captions/ subtitles
12:29 Add timestamps
13:21 Improve audience retention and watch time
15:53 Provoke engagement
17:56 Share the video via your channels
18:40 Built authority
19:27 Monitor your performance

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